Soccer Players Not Hot Enough To Warrant Sitting Through Whole Game

15 minutes into the infamous UCSB versus Cal Poly SLO soccer game, second-year Veronica Dickstein realized that the soccer players weren’t even hot enough to warrant staying any longer than necessar...
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Hookup Probably Just Gonna Go, Has an Early Start Tomorrow Morning

After an hour of haphazard lovemaking, it was reported that Nick Nguyen was probably gonna head out after third-year Emily Callahan invited him over for a last-minute romp in the hay.
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Freshman Wonders if Beach is More Than Just Background for Hot Bikini Pics – Decides No.

It was recently reported that freshman and licensed blonde person Nikki Ehrlich had half a revelation over the weekend during an excursion to Sands with friend and beta brunette Claire Graisman.
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Nexustentialism to Shut Down After Some Girl Kaitlyn says “Not Okay”

Well, it happened.
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