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Do you have a major news tip you think the Nexus should know about? There are several methods of contacting Nexus reporters should you have firsthand knowledge or documentation relating to a significant event or issue.

Community sources, often anonymous, have helped contribute to Nexus reporting over the years, and now we are making it even easier to send tips to our journalists.

Please do not send information to the Nexus that is already publicly available. For general news pitches, corrections or other feedback, please reach out to For section-specific contact information, visit our Daily Nexus staff page.

Examples of good tips include:

Here is evidence that ____ has a secret warehouse in Goleta.

I work on the ______ ____ project and have information you may be interested in.

Methods of contact

Text  805-380-6527

Share tips with us via text message. It’s that easy!


The most secure method of communication with the Nexus, Signal offers end-to-end encryption for messages, photos and videos that are shared using the app. This messaging system is recommended for those wishing to remain entirely anonymous or that are sharing significant non-public information.

Add us at: +1 805-380-6527