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Welcome to the Daily Nexus, UC Santa Barbara’s award-winning student newspaper. The Nexus is UC Santa Barbara’s only independent, student-run newspaper. We’ve been reporting on UCSB and Isla Vista since the 1930s.

We are so happy to see your interest in joining our team. Whether you are a first-year trying to find your place on campus, or a fourth-year telling yourself you’d finally get around to joining that extracurricular you said you would – we are a space for you.

We are always looking for eager and passionate writers, videographers, photographers, and artists. Whatever fits your fancy. From the hard breaking news headlines to the not so serious headlines like “I.V. landlord charges extra for mold: claims exotic houseplant.” I am sure we have something for you.

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To join, email the section you are trying to join, and they will add you to their slack channel! No experience necessary.
Still hesitant to join? Read former and current staff member's decision to join. For information about orientation visit @dailynexus on Instagram


We do sure hope you stay!

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Since the 1930s, the Daily Nexus has been UCSB and Santa Barbara County’s go-to source for timely, relevant and essential editorial and feature coverage. The only independent, student-run newspaper at UCSB, the Nexus consists of 30+ editorial staff members and around 150 staff writers, artists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. With 13 sections to choose from, there’s a place at the Nexus for everyone. We publish daily across print, online and social media platforms to ensure that our coverage remains accessible and engaging. Our funding comes from student fees and advertising revenue and operates independently of university oversight.

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