How often does the Daily Nexus print?

The newspaper prints on Thursday, with online content produced Monday through Friday during the regular school year except on university holidays. Typically, only one or two issues are published during the summer session.

How do I join the Daily Nexus staff?

The newspaper holds quarterly training sessions for those interested in joining the newspaper staff in the first few weeks of each quarter. No previous experience is required for most sections. After publishing a certain number of articles, which varies by section, a writer may be promoted to the position of staff writer at which point they will be paid per article.

Who is in charge of the Daily Nexus?

The Daily Nexus is an independent student-run publication. The editor-in-chief oversees the editorial content of the newspaper, while the managing editor oversees its fiscal operations.

Where does the Daily Nexus receive its funding?

The Daily Nexus receives about two thirds of its funds from advertising revenue. The other one third is derived from a quarterly lock-in fee, which is voted upon by students every two years.

How do I submit an opinion piece?

Readers should submit their pieces to opinion@dailynexus.com with the subject line “Article for Outside Opinions.” If selected for publication, articles submitted by those who are not current Daily Nexus editors or staff writers will be published under the “Outside Opinions” column. All op-ed submissions are subject to edits by the editorial staff. Articles should be between 800-1200 words. 

The Daily Nexus will not publish press releases or pieces that solely serve to advertise an event or organization. Because the Nexus is a local publication, we will not accept submissions from those outside of the UCSB and Isla Vista residential community. We accept submissions from all UCSB students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as residents of Isla Vista, Goleta or Santa Barbara. All submissions become property of the Daily Nexus and cannot be printed in other publications without permission. 

If you are a UCSB student interested in joining our opinion staff, please contact the opinion editors at opinion@dailynexus.com.

What is the dailynexus.com comment policy?

We encourage all of our readers to submit comments on our website. Comments made on dailynexus.com are not pre-moderated, but can be removed if they violate the policy that follows. Any comment may be used in the print edition of the Nexus, and we ask that you keep your comments brief and on topic.

We will delete comments that:

  • attack a named or identified person or group unreasonably.
  • attack or demean one’s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise.
  • threaten or encourage violence and/or illegal behavior.
  • contain racial epithets, sexual explicitness or excessive obscenities.
  • contain personal information.
  • are completely off-topic or determined to be spam.

Comments may be removed or turned off for an article if there are concerns regarding an individual’s safety. As of May 2020, readers must provide their name and email address in order to post a comment.

If you believe that your comment was deleted inappropriately, please email news@dailynexus.com.

How do I submit a complaint, correction or retraction request?

All requests can be e-mailed to the editor-in-chief at eic@dailynexus.com or delivered by phone at (805) 893-2691. If you believe a factual error was made in a Daily Nexus article, please call our office immediately. If a correction request is not made within a year of publication, it becomes exceedingly difficult for our staff to investigate your claim. As such, any request made after one year of publication will require the reader to provide the burden of proof.

With regards to retraction requests, please know that these are rarely granted. For a retraction to occur, the article in question would have to contain more fallacy than fact or be wrong at its very core. As a newspaper, we are obligated to preserve these historical records. Once an issue is published, you cannot retract an opinion piece or a quote you willingly gave to a reporter. Police reports are also public record. We will not remove any article from our print or online editions unless severe factual errors have occurred. Personal reasons are not acceptable grounds for a retraction.

How do I purchase an advertisement?

Interested parties can contact our advertising office by phone at (805) 893-3828 or email production@dailynexus.com.

How do I pitch a story idea?

The Daily Nexus has several desk editors who are assigned to specific sections. The county news editor handles news pertaining to Isla Vista and Santa Barbara County, while the university news editor reports on news related to the campus and the University of California. The sports editors handle sports, and the Artsweek editors report on arts and entertainment.

Please call or e-mail your story ideas to these editors with a brief description. Also include any helpful contact information or press releases. All articles are written by Nexus staffers. We do not accept freelance work unless it is for the opinion page, which is welcome to all members of the community.

Where does the Daily Nexus print?

Our newspaper is printed at the Santa Barbara News-Press printing facility located in Goleta.