The Daily Nexus had its start in the 1930s. Back then, the newspaper was called the Eagle, and UC Santa Barbara was known as Santa Barbara State College. After the college joined the University of California system, its newspaper changed names various times, existing in former editions as the RoadrunnerEl Gaucho, the University Post, and the Daily Gaucho. The Daily Nexus received its name in 1970, following the infamous Bank of America burning that occurred in Isla Vista.

The editorial board took the name from a Robert Maynard Hutchins quote: “A free press is the nexus of any democracy.”

The Nexus continues to be the go-to source to stay up-to-date on all things involving UCSB’s campus and Isla Vista. We offer positions for writers, photographers, artists and any creative souls interested in immersing themselves in culture and information. The Nexus provides a fast-paced environment for aspiring journalists, as well as learning opportunities for students who want to explore the stories that define our community.

The Daily Nexus is also an award-winning media source, ranked in the top-10 best college newspapers by the Princeton Review two out of the last three years and has received four California Collegiate Media Awards in 2018 alone. The Nexus also received seven awards at the California Collegiate Media Awards in 2019.

The Daily Nexus newsroom, located underneath Storke Tower. Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus

Comment Policy

Here at The Daily Nexus we recognize the importance of free speech and encourage all those willing to participate to do so. However, we ask that our readers do this respectfully and engage in positive discourse about the subject material of the article.

Comments may be removed if these guidelines are not met and after repeated violations of the comment policy in an article, the comment section may be removed for that article altogether.

Comments may be removed or turned off for an article if there are concerns regarding an individual’s safety.

As of May 2020, readers must include their name and email address in order to post a comment.

A comment will be removed if:

  1. attacks a named or identified person or group unreasonably.
  2. attacks or demeans one’s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise.
  3. threatens or encourages violence and/or illegal behavior.
  4. contains racial epithets, sexual explicitness or excessive obscenities.
  5. contains personal information.
  6. is completely off-topic or determined to be spam.

Op-Ed Submissions

Readers who are not staff members and are interested in submitting a piece to the opinion section should do so by emailing opinion@dailynexus.com with the subject line “Article for Outside Opinions.” 

If selected for publication, articles submitted by those who are not current Daily Nexus editors or staff writers will be published under the “Outside Opinions” column. All op-ed submissions are subject to edits by the editorial staff. Articles should be between 800-1200 words. 

The Daily Nexus will not publish press releases or pieces that solely serve to advertise an event or organization. Because the Nexus is a local publication, we will not accept submissions from those outside of the UCSB and Isla Vista residential community. We accept submissions from all UCSB students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as residents living in Isla Vista, Goleta or Santa Barbara. All submissions become property of the Daily Nexus and cannot be printed in other publications without permission.

If you are a UCSB student interested in joining our opinion staff, please contact the opinion editors at opinion@dailynexus.com.

Editorial Board

The Daily Nexus editorial board is charged with responding to a significant matter impacting our campus and local community, or when the board feels the obligation as a paper to provide a moral stance as a public informant. An editorial is an evidence-based opinion that is reflective of the Daily Nexus, but not every individual Daily Nexus staff member. Editorials are separate from news coverage. 


Editorials are written and edited by members of the news team and the editor-in-chief, as well as reviewed by the opinion and diversity, equity and inclusion teams. 

Finding the Nexus

The Daily Nexus is located in Storke Plaza, beneath Storke Tower:

Map, showing the location of the Daily Nexus in Storke Plaza beneath Storke Tower