UCSB’s Multicultural Center Brings a Closer Look into Chicano Punk Rock

This past month, the Multicultural Center on campus housed a photographic exhibit depicting several influential Chicano punk bands and artists.
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Recapping the 1st Annual Womxn/Hacks

This past weekend, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) at UCSB hosted their first annual Womxn/Hacks on campus.
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Microbial Assassins: Changing the Face of Modern Antibiotics

"We can equip helpful bacteria with a toxin-delivering system to target and destroy harmful ones. Such specificity could give us more control over our microbiome and our health," Song said.
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Underneath the Surface: Shrinking Groundwater in the United States

The team calculated the degree of separation between fresh groundwater and brackish groundwater in over 25 sedimentary basins throughout the United States.
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English in the Field: Conducting Interdisciplinary Research

Six undergraduates presented interdisciplinary work as part of a collaborative project between CCBER and the English Department.
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