Steffi Huynh

    Five Resident Assistants Give First Years Advice

    Balancing college courses and new extracurricular activities is hard enough as it is, but living with one, maybe even two roommates for the first time can add a whole new layer of stress. To help our freshman readers, the Nexus news staff interviewed five former and current Resident Assistants (RA) for advice on navigating dorm life. […]

    International Student Alagie Jammeh Risks Life To Speak Out Against Homophobia

    “No one should be denied their fundamental basic human rights because of their sexuality,” Alagie Jammeh posted on Facebook in September 2014. By November of that same year, Jammeh found his world crumbling around him.

    Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus

    Activist Malala Yousafzai Makes an Impact on Santa Barbara Audience

    UCSB Arts & Lectures hosted 2014 Nobel Peace laureate, women’s education activist and international bestselling author Malala Yousafzai at a sold-out event on June 27 at the Arlington Theatre, with simulcasts at Campbell Hall and The New Vic.

    Azeem Ward: Overnight Flute Sensation

    Over the past couple days, fourth-year music major Azeem Ward has gone from graduating senior to Facebook and Buzzfeed celebrity, following the enormous following his senior flute recital has gathered.

    Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus

    Psychology Alum Turns Singer-Songwriter: The Beauty of the Party-Study-Play Music Balance at UCSB

    More than any other California school, UC Santa Barbara students have a tendency to get defensive about their alma mater. It’s a delicate topic. Is this a party school, or is this a world-class research university? The answer usually gets tied down in the celebrated Gaucho motto, “Work hard, play hard.” But what this four […]

    Undocumented, Unafraid

    President Barack Obama announced an executive order on Nov. 20 to defer deportation for up to five million undocumented immigrants in the United States, allowing more undocumented students to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in order to receive exemption from deportation and to obtain work permits.

    Public Forum Discusses Options for I.V.

    Associated Students External Vice President of Local Affairs-elect Cameron Schunk and Santa Barbara City College Trustee-elect Jonathan Abboud held a public forum Thursday at Isla Vista resident and local business owner Jay Freeman’s office on 6551 Trigo Road to hear residents’ concerns and desires regarding solutions for I.V. self-governance.

    UCSA Petitions Prospective Tuition Increase

    The University of California Students’ Association (UCSA) has created a petition entitled UC Regents: Don’t Raise Our Tuition!, which calls for gradually decreased tuition instead of the UC’s plan to increase tuition by five percent annually over the next five years.

    UCOP, Regents To Consider Tuition Increases

    The UC Office of the President and UC Board of Regents announced today that the Board would consider a plan to incrementally increase tuition by five percent annually for five years at its bi-monthly meeting on Nov 19.

    Getting Into Focus: Nexus Explores ‘Study Drug’ Use Among Students

    According to statistics gathered by a Daily Nexus survey randomly sampling 376 students, 40.7 percent of students have tried some psychoactive prescription drug at least once in their life and 35 percent have tried Adderall at least once.

    2014 Midterm Election Results: Capps, Williams Re-elected, GOP Takes Senate

    The Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder’s Office released its final numbers shortly after 11:30p.m. on election day yesterday evening, posting results for state, federal, and local contests relevant to California and Santa Barbara County.

    A.S. Bill Seeks to Restructure Student Advocacy

    A new bill brought forth to the Associated Students Senate, reflecting concerns pertaining to a lack of focus in the Office of the Student Advocate General, calls for a separate unit to handle individual casework for students by the 2015-2016 school year.

    Capps, Martinez Visit I.V., Encourage Voting

    Congresswoman Lois Capps and Richard Martinez, the father of UCSB student Christopher Michael-Martinez who died in the Isla Vista mass murder this past May, visited campus and walked along the streets of I.V. yesterday to speak with students and to urge them to vote in today’s election.

    History of Halloween in I.V.

    Examining Halloween’s recent evolution in Isla Vista, suspicion and uneasiness towards authority paired with extensive rules and restrictions and constraint have led to rising contentions between police and civilians, a common pattern for Isla Vista.

    County Approves Fencing Project

    The Santa Barbara County Planning Commission voted unanimously yesterday in support of fencing six public parks that line the bluffs of Isla Vista.