Getting Creative at the Dining Commons: Sexy Loaded Fries

Sick of bland food? Jennifer Kim reminds us all that even at the dining commons, "Yes baby. Cheese is life!"
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Trick or treat, but don’t forget to preheat: How to Make Your Own Shrunken Heads

Need some edible Halloween ornaments? Why not take a turn to the deliciously morbid?
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Three Recipes to Try on National Food Day

Not sure how to start "eating real?" Let the OTM staff help you out with these easy, feel good meals.
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Granola Culture: Live

Kiana Fatemi describes what its like living the hippy-crunchy life...and her Dad's endeavors in making yogurt from scratch.
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Peace, Love and Simplicity

The first weekend of October marked the 27th annual California Avocado Festival toting the motto, “Peace, love, and guacamole.”
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Avocado Appreciation

In honor of this delectable treat, the coastal region of Carpinteria has been hosting a festival for all things avocado. This year, on Oct. 4-6 the California Avocado Festival hosted their 27th annual...
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Radical Ramen

RADICAL RAMEN: Instant ramen is a finals week staple for most college kids. It’s quick, easy and tastes decent (as long as you don’t look at the ingredients). It’s also pretty damn boring. Howev...
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Keeping Out of the Cold with Comfort Food

Championship Chili Admit it: Chili is awesome. Despite however many different competitions there are for chili and the elitist chili zealots present at the cook-offs, chili is really quite a simple co...
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An On the Menu Thanksgiving

The smell of sweet potatoes roasting wafts throughout the house. You are surrounded by annoying in-laws and rowdy younger cousins. There’s an electric feeling in the air that just isn’t present an...
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