Tinder Name Ideas for UCSB Cyclists

A double-entendre homage to UCSB’s two main activities: dating and cycling.
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Top 15 Things UCSB Could Have Spent Anti-Deltopia $40K On

If UCSB’s going to hike up tuition and spend a ridiculous amount of money on anti-partying ads, they might as well give us what we really want.
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UCSB Pro-Nazi Meninists Feel Oppressed by Campus Liberals

After the inauguration of President Donald Trump, UCSB pro-Nazi meninists claim to have been targeted by on-campus anti-Trump and anti-racism protests.
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6 Trends That Need To Make a Comeback in 2017

2017 is the year we stop normalizing unrealistic stereotypical roles for minors so we can diversify our content and profit off of more child stars.
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Which Subtweet Should You Tweet Next?

What fun is the internet if you can’t talk shit? Don’t worry, these subtweets have your back.
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Celebratory Soccer Tortillas Recycled to Portola Dining

“The grass blades and dirt specks complement the lettuce and meat quite nicely,” said Portola Chef Bruno Moretti.
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