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Here it is! The long-awaited *super easy* GE course list from UCSB. Everyone and their Aunt Trish loves taking a nice, juicy general education course. It’s a beautiful way to lighten the load of an otherwise shit-in-your-mouth kind of quarter. Crowd favorites like Theater 5 are sure to turn your frown upside down, but you should know that there are also several diamonds in the freaking rough that students seem to miss. Here they are in the form of a roughly medium-sized list so you don’t lose focus. Also, it’s ranked from ten to one to build suspense for you, the reader. You’re welcome.

10. ANTH 00A – Rural Farms of 68 Block

Gain appreciation for the silent and rural community of 68 Block. Learn about its humble people, their roots in Amish culture and the main pastime of apple-picking.

9. INT 9000 – Intro to Nicolas Cage

Dive into the mind of Nicolas Cage. Drinks will not be provided.

8. ME 74H – Mechanical Engineering: Physics of Mechanical Pencils

The core of mechanical engineering resides within the physical entity of mechanical pencils. Learn basic components such as how the most complex writing utensil is made, as well as its dependence on astrophysics. ***Graphing calculators needed***

7. PHIL 420 – Philosophy of Stepping Up, Kyle

For one to truly know Kyle, he or she must first understand the epistemological and theoretical bases through which Kyle interfaces with the physical world.

6. FASH 101 – Patagonia v. North Face: Popular Outerwear of UCSB

Not to be confused with SOC 91 – Birkenstocks v. Rainbows: A Divided Campus.

5. ASTRO 711Z – Weirdly Spaced Onions in Your Ford Fiesta

Discover the beginnings of an ancient tradition, how it took root in the West and your part in it.

4. HIST 96 – History of UCSB Fiery Meme Cuisine for Horny Teens

Learn which memes gained the most likes, and track statistics for how the page spiked in popularity during troubled times. Surprisingly will cover Area C!

3. COMM 8675309 – Shutupdianeology

It’s well understood that Diane is a workplace headache. Learn to develop strategies aimed at eliminating the distraction that is Diane’s big mouth.

2. FIERI 102BBC – Shrimp Scampi

Unearth the genesis of this all-time dish, question its whereabouts and unpack its problematic stance on immigration.

1. SOC 296 – Chancellor Yang’s (Extended) Family Tree

Knowing where our great leader comes from will give us more insight toward the secrets of the universe. *Winter quarter bonus!* No add code needed to access Henry’s great maternal second cousin’s line.


Jake Feder and Vianna Mabanag took all these classes and passed with easy A’s.