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Welcome freshmen! First things first: We are not friends. As an incoming second year, I am required by the university to absolutely despise you even though I was a freshman myself just a couple of months ago (came in with sophomore standing, no big deal). But from the goodness of my heart, I found it within myself to give you this nightlife guide just so when I hear one of you say, “Where is the Del Playa?” I don’t contemplate dropping out. Follow this guide, and in a month’s time you’ll be a pro at navigating I.V. while blacked!


The Basics

Del Playa is the street closest to the beach, and it’s also the street where shit happens I mean this in the best way possible. We call this magical place “DP.” Come here on a Friday and Saturday night and get ready to rage.


So how do I get in a party on DP?

Big house parties usually aren’t that exclusive, but some places get tough on who can come inside. This is where connections in school can really help you out. Join clubs and sports to maximize the people you know and this can help you get in a party, or you can get creative with your entrance attempts. I like the latter, it makes life feel ~risky.~



Not unless you want to make lots of new fake friends. UCSB thrives on the cheapness of Kirkland vodka, so parties here always have something. Some parties won’t though, so it’s best to pregame at your dorm with your RA. Just kidding, don’t pregame with your RA unless they’re totally chill about it.


What do I wear?

Personally, I like to wear clothing that show off my, um, personality. So basically anything that makes you feel good. No need to overthink this because no one’s gonna care about what you’re wearing when everyone’s drunk out of their minds. Also, COMFORTABLE SHOES.


What time should I leave my place to trash someone else’s home?

I’d consider 10:30 p.m. to be the best time to walk up and down DP relying on keen audio and visual skills to decide which party to go to. You want to be full fledged raging by 11 because most parties end around 12-ish.


It’s 1 a.m. and I’m hungry!

Congratulations, you partied to your fullest potential and now you’re ready to spend some money you don’t have. My OG drunk go-to will always be Freebirds because they’re open until 3 a.m. (If you don’t order meat you get free guac!) But if you’re looking to call it a night and eat like a pig in the comfort of your own dorm, Dominos or SBMenus is the way to go.



During your time here someone will probably charge you for taking a swig of their handle or something stupid like that. Download Venmo to charge or pay anyone. Total lifesaver.



Paying for a ride is stupid and I hate it, but it’s gotta happen at some point, especially if you and your squad are tired and don’t feel like walking the rest of the 0.2 miles back home. It’s worth the $7.24.


Know your limit.

Messy drunks are fun to look at but it tarnishes our rep. Leave this to the SBCC kids. It’s best to know your limit and act somewhat composed, especially when you’re walking DP.

Pro tip: Don’t sit down on the curb, ever.


Vivi Mabanag is a second year who knows exactly what she’s talking about. Anyone who says otherwise is a f*cking liar. She knows DP like the back of her hand and is an FT veteran.