Former World Chess Champion, Russian Political Activist Speaks on ‘Enemies of the Free World’

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov discussed his experience leading the pro-democracy movement against Russian president Vladimir Putin in a lecture titled “Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Pu...
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UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program To Host Conference To De-stigmatize Alcohol and Drug Recovery

The UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program will host the California Unified Collegiate Recovery Program Nov. 7 and 8 in Corwin Pavilion to de-stigmatize alcohol and drug addictions and educate UCSB and SBCC st...
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UC Merced Addresses Stabbing of Four Campus Members

UC Merced held a press conference Wednesday to address the stabbing of four campus members by a UC Merced student, who was later shot and killed as he tried to flee the scene. The four victims, two st...
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UCool Challenge Seeks Carbon Neutrality

The UC-wide challenge encourages all campuses to participate in energy efficient behaviors, with the highest-scoring campus being named “Coolest UC Campus” UCSB is participating in the UC-wide #UC...
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Upcoming El Niño May Threaten Cliffside Homes

Climatologists are increasingly certain of predictions that a strong El Niño will likely hit California in the coming months, bringing wet weather and the possibility of increased erosion along the c...
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