Ask AJ

Ask AJ: The Love Doctor Is In

AJ prescribes advice to a couple o' lovesick Gauchos.
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Ask AJ: Pitching Your Roommate and Hitting for Both Teams

Is your roommate listening to porn too loudly? You asked and now AJ has answers.
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Ask AJ: Affairs of the Heart and Other Parts

From grooming to gamophobia, AJ tackles your most pressing questions.
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Ask AJ: Coffee and Cunnilingus

AJ offers advice on how to navigate the intricacies of oral sex to shooting your shot with a coffee shop cutie.
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Ask AJ: The A to Z On I.V.

AJ breaks down the politics of making the first move to the most eco-friendly way to smoke weed.
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Ask AJ: Love on the Brain

AJ debuts her weekly advice column by answering questions about everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday.
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