‘Edge of Seventeen’ Showcases Realistic Teen Angst

With her character’s personal problems well established, Steinfeld is able to convey the struggles experienced by average high school students, showing passionate emotions on screen.
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‘Logan’ is a Movie for the Comic Books

Even though “Logan” faltered in its second half, it is still one of the more enthralling comic book movies to come out recently, as the first half alone transcends the comic book genre.
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‘La La Land’: A Hollywood Story Turned to Cinematic Gold

Los Angeles is essentially its own living and breathing character, leading the audience to believe that the film is as extravagant as the city itself.
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‘Moana’ is a Vibrant Disney Masterpiece

Moana is strong-willed and cares for her people, willing to take any risk she can when setting out on the open sea.
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‘Moonlight’ Glimmers on the Silver Screen

For African Americans and the LGBT community, 'Moonlight' is a personal and poignant representation of a queer African American male, a character not commonly portrayed in film, struggling with the ha...
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