UCSB Students Gather in Response to the Trump Administration’s Potential Redefinition of Gender

The effort consisted of card- and poster-making activities on Monday and Tuesday in the RCSGD room in the SRB.
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AFSCME Strikes Come to an End, UCOP Calls AFSCME Strikes “Wasted Efforts”

While the strike did not result in resolved demands, it brought attention to the issues that UC workers face, lead groundskeeper Juan Donato said.
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AFSCME Begins Second Strike of the Year

Today’s protests at UCSB were part of a much bigger UC-wide demonstration that encompasses all 10 campuses.
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EAOP Still Works to Help Low-Income Students 40 Years Later

Over the years, the program's focus has shifted to targeting low-income, first-generation students who do not have readily available access to college services.
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