UCSB, I.V. Lose Power Over 10 Times Throughout Sunday Morning Due to Thomas Fire

The UC Santa Barbara campus and Isla Vista community lost power more than 10 times early Sunday morning after strong winds pushed the Thomas Fire into Santa Barbara County.

Somewhere In Between: In the Driver’s Seat

Meet Kimberly Barocio: She’s a fourth-year sociology major who has found solace by working on cars and becoming president of the Gaucho Automotive Society.

Should I Stay or Should I Evacuate?: Students’ Focus Disrupted by Thomas Fire

Naima Sudjian-Carlisle urges UCSB’s administration to take the Thomas fire seriously for the sake of students’ health and safety.

Pulling Back the Red Curtain: Why Hollywood is Currently Outdated

Ali Abouesh and Laurel Rinehart take a look at the current state of the movement for diversity in film.

Chancellor Yang Says Final Exams Will be ‘Flexible’ After Students Release New Petition Demanding UCSB Support During Thomas Fire

The new petition includes eight demands, asking the university to allow students to return home and provide academic and emotional support to those who have been affected by the Thomas Fire.

Trump Declares State of Emergency in Calif., FEMA Will Fund Most Costs for Firefighting Efforts

FEMA will cover over 75 percent of firefighting costs in areas affected by the fire, according to Brandi Richard, FEMA spokesperson.

The Year of the Album: a Look Into the Future of Media Consumption

The advent of music editing technology has made the process of recording easier, slicker and faster — which makes a Beatles-esque creative yield even more achievable. This year, we saw a return to this level of relentless releases with a little help from our friend: the internet.

This Year In Music: Artsweek’s Favorite Albums

Saturation is quite possibly my favorite release of the year and proved the group to be a simultaneously experimental and accessible force in today’s music scene. Tracks like “Gold,” “Heat” and “Star” highlight the album’s quirky undertone and stunned the world with their unexpectedly phenomenal quality.

10 Stages of Finals Week

Despair. Pizza cravings. Yerba Mate. More despair. Finals season brings on a whole wave of feelings. Here is what a typical finals week looks like.

UCSB, Isla Vista Locations Close in Response to Poor Air Quality

The map shows locations in I.V. and on campus that are closed Friday or providing limited services.