June LaRue / Daily Nexus

Despair. Pizza cravings. Yerba Mate. More despair. Finals season brings on a whole wave of feelings. Here is what a typical finals week looks like.

1. Confidence

You’re ready to take on this hectic week, and you are 100 percent sure of your abilities. You promise yourself you aren’t going to procrastinate and you even set up a reward system for when you’re feeling down.

2. Determination

You compile a kick-ass playlist for studying and even skip going out to focus on school. Your hands are numb from writing flashcards and turning pages, but you know it’ll be worth it in the long run.

3. Self-doubt

After probably failing your first final, you lose some confidence. You spend your time looking at other schools to transfer to, as well as different majors. You’ve done several calculations and realize that your GPA will never recover.

4. Sadness

Your parents say they will no longer finance your education if you become a ceramics major at UC Davis. Your only option is to lie in bed all day eating chips and watching Netflix.

5. Anger

You’re mad at yourself for not studying hard enough, your roommates for distracting you, your professors for making your life difficult and the world in general.

6. Determination (Part 2)

After throwing your little hissy fit, you’re ready to try again. You make the long trek to the library to study and pray to the gods that you pass.

7. Disappointment

During your review session you realize you’re screwed. You can’t believe that you haven’t learned anything all quarter.

8. Acceptance

You accept whatever is coming to you and promise to try harder next quarter.

9. Complacency

You finally quit pretending to study. You’ve decided to just go with the flow.

10. Intoxication

Now that all your finals are over with, you go out and get so wasted that you start to believe you actually did well, and you look forward to the next time you have an excuse to do this.


Emily Anne Williams is a linguistics major who somehow manages to miss Dog Therapy Day every other quarter.