Local Actors Celebrate Italian Author

The stage was a woven rug, on which stood a podium, a mic stand and a flowerpot. The backdrop was a bare color-changing screen. It was a simple arrangement, but it was enough for the performers of “...
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My Duty to Alert You About ‘A Duty to Betray’

Kelly Moreno knows your brain. Prior to penning his first novel, a revenge tale entitled A Duty to Betray, Moreno led a long career in the field of psychology as a professor at both UCSB and Cal Poly ...
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No Time to Write a Novel Like the Present: Advice to Get Started on Nanowrimo

  With tips provided by: Ashley Ong (freshman, physics major), Jason Chun (Freshman, English major), Sarah Ziemer (Freshman, Biopsychology) and Allegra Bottlik (UCSB graduate, creative writer) &n...
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