BADBADNOTGOOD Bring a Spectacular Show

Although BBNG may be characterized as a jazz band, the boundaries of their sound do not by any means fall within the traditional confines of jazz as a genre.
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Tracks of the Month: February 2017

Grown up Fairy Tales dates back to Acid Rap, originally for big brother Chance the Rapper himself, but Taylor Bennett takes it and features his brother as well as Jeremih.
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Tracks of the Month: January 2017

At the end of each calendar month, Artsweek takes a look at new tracks that stood out and made a place in our playlists.
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Favianna Rodgriguez Illuminates the MultiCultural Center

In present times, artists and activists like Rodriguez are as important and integral to social justice as ever. The rights of many are lost in a state of vulnerability.
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Poet Paul Tran Enlivens Santa Barbara

“This war is not over, America. This war is not over, America,” Tran repeated as they elaborated on the adversity their mother faced in her efforts to establish a new home.
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Camp Flog Gnaw Festival Returns to L.A.

Ultimately, Tyler, The Creator exceeded the expectations of many music-lovers and critics and established his illustrious carnival as a staple of the West Coast festival scene.
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