CALPIRG Pushes for Yes on Prop 67

Over 100 counties throughout California have passed ordinances to ban single-use plastic bags, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, but Prop 67 would ratify Senate Bill 270 to ban plastic bags thr...
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2017 Senior Class Gift Announced

Though voting was done solely through email in the past, this year kicked off a “voting party” with free pizza donated by Giovanni’s to increase voter turnout.
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First Friday Offers Free Food, Laid-Back Vibes

Fall’s inaugural First Friday took over Prefect Park as the Free Food Fest on Oct.7, offering new bites and the same laid-back vibes Isla Vistans have come to love since its inception.
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New Grant To Lay Framework for Digital Database

The UCSB library has received a $100,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences to create a framework that supports extensive digital library collections.
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