Newly Discovered Microorganisms Possess Self-mutating Gene

Paul Blair and David Valentine of UCSB's Marne Science Institute teamed up with UCs and found microorganisms that can self mutant.
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UCSB Professor Wins Academy Awards of the Oceans

UCSB marine ecology professor Ben Halpern receives award that honors Jaws author Peter Benchley
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Could This be the Brightest Supernova Ever Observed?

Originally thought to be the brightest supernova discovered, UCSB and Las Cumbres researchers now believe that ASASSN-15lh may have been a different galactic event.
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A Tiny Future: UCSB Researchers Explore Quantum Processing

Quantum computers aren’t for checking Facebook or logging into GauchoSpace. They rely on a branch of physics: quantum mechanics. For the average person to say this computer is “magic,” might not...
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Mathematical Model To Predict Vein Growth

Imagine being able to predict the growth of the tumor. How about the vein growth of premature babies’ eyes? All of these applications and more can be determined with the use of a certain mathematica...
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UCSB Professor Receives $10 Million To Establish Benioff Ocean Initiative

The Benioff Ocean Initiative (BOI) is a foundation focused on helping universities understand the pressing problems the world’s oceans face. The BOI aims to find solutions resulting in cleaner and h...
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