UCSB Researcher Receives NASA Grant for Space Research on Interstellar Travel

UC Santa Barbara physics professor, Phillip Lubin, and his team from UCSB’s Experimental Cosmology Group have been awarded one of 15 proof-of-concept grants from NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts to further develop their groundbreaking space research on laser propulsion systems for possible interstellar travel. The research team will explore extremely high-speed space travel, approaching the speed […]

Size Matters: Smaller Fish and Endangered Reefs

UC Santa Barbara research biologist Jenn Caselle recently published a study revealing the importance of and threats to the California sheephead fish (Semicossyphus pulcher) in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. Caselle and Scott Hamilton, a former postdoctoral researcher at UCSB and current faculty member at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, combined over 30 years of data documenting […]


Exploring I.V. Through a Cop’s Eyes During the ‘Fall Offensive’

As the first weekend after Halloween and the last weekend of “Fall Orientation” for the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP), this past Friday marked a period in which IVFP and the UCSB Police Department, Goleta Police Department and Carpinteria Police Department regularly overstaff I.V. in anticipation of larger-than-normal crowds.

History of Halloween in I.V.

Examining Halloween’s recent evolution in Isla Vista, suspicion and uneasiness towards authority paired with extensive rules and restrictions and constraint have led to rising contentions between police and civilians, a common pattern for Isla Vista.

I.V. Food Co-op and A.S. Food Bank Host Community Potluck

The Isla Vista Food Co-op teamed up with the Associated Students Food Bank to host a community dinner potluck on the Co-op courtyard this past Friday. The potluck kicked off A.S. Food Bank’s “Hunger Month,” a month long series of events aimed to educate the public about hunger among students and Isla Vista residents. The […]

Annual Festival Advocates Food for the SOL

This year’s fifth-annual Sustainable, Organic and Local (SOL) Food Festival brought live music, contests, cooking demonstrations and an array of local food vendors to Vera Cruz Park in downtown Santa Barbara this past Saturday.

UC Board of Regents To Sponsor Technologically Innovative Projects

The University of California Board of Regents approved a $250 million investment to fund UC research-based economic endeavors, entitled UC Ventures, during last Wednesday’s meeting at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay Community Center. The project is scheduled to move into effect in 2015 and aims to establish a long-term mechanism for profit return investment […]

Santa Barbara County Launches I.V. Restoration Plan

Students returning to Isla Vista this fall will find some typically non-existent or run-down sidewalks newly constructed and repaired thanks to a Santa Barbara County renovation project that aims to improve I.V. infrastructure.

The sidewalk renovations are part of the Isla Vista Pedestrian Plan, a county project slated to help
improve I.V. conditions. Previous improvements include new storm drains and high quality streetlights.

Snowy Plovers Cuddling Up For Start of Nesting Season

Spring is a time of renewal, and as our university community enters a fresh spring quarter, our beach cohabitants, the Western Snowy Plover, also embark on a period of transition with the start of a new nesting season beginning March 15 and continuing through September. The Western Snowy Plovers (Charadrius nivosus nivosus) occupy a range […]

American University Professor Jane Flax Explores Foucault’s Self-Care Ideas

AmericanUniversity professor Jane Flax gave a talk yesterday entitled “Soul Service: The Politics and Ethics of Practicing Michel Foucault’s Care of the Self,” as part of the InterdisciplinaryHumanitiesCenter’s series, “Value of Care.”

Local Tribe To Withdraw Application for More Land

In response to public uproar over the Chumash Tribe’s attempt to acquire additional public land through an application submitted to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), tribal chairman Vincent Armenta informed the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors earlier this month of the tribe’s decision to withdraw the application.

Santa Barbara County Planning Commission Approves Oil Wells

Last week, the Santa Barbara Planning Commission approved an oil development and pipeline project, along with an environmental impact report allowing for a 29 percent carbon emissions threshold for Santa Maria Energy.

PHOTO COURTESY OF U.S. Department of the Interior Indian Affairs

Local Tribe Applies for Land; SB County Moves to Appeal

Members of the Chumash tribe of the Santa Ynez Valley are currently seeking to acquire over 11,000 acres of non-reservation land, engaging Santa Barbara County officials in a land battle that may set an important legal precedent for land ownership in the state of California.

Dance Troupe Tours New York, Italy, Returns to UCSB

The season finale of the UCSB Dance Company’s spring tour “Trajectory” will be showing tonight at the Center Stage for the Paseo Nuevo Center in downtown Santa Barbara. The company, a group of 13 senior dance majors, will finish their tour that first began in January and took the group across the world, stopping in […]


Politics, Money and Muscles: Researching the Link Between Physical Strength and Motives

UCSB researchers recently found an evolutionary link between political motivation and physical strength in males, where increased upper body size indicated a more aggressive and self-serving stance toward resource redistribution. Daniel Sznycer, a postdoctoral researcher at UCSB’s Center for Evolutionary Psychology, Michael Bang Petersen of Aarhus University in Denmark and Aaron Sell of Griffith University […]