UCSB Researchers Develop Smartphone App to Efficiently Diagnose Urinary Tract Infections

A new smartphone app that identifies urinary tract infections was developed by UC Santa Barbara professor Michael Mahan’s team and Stanford professor Tom Soh’s team. Additional collaborators inclu...
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Vulnerabilities Found in Cancer Persister Cells

Matthew Hangauer and a team of UC San Francisco researchers discovered a common weakness in drug-resistant cancer cells, or “persister cells.”
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Not Rocket Science, but Pretty Close (Comet, Like and Subscribe)

Aspiring astrophysicist, Qicheng Zhang, is a fourth-year student who is currently conducting research on comet deflection with hopes of impacting modern research efforts
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Service Above and Beyond: Chemical Engineering Professor elected to the National Academy of Medicine

As one of 79 newly elected members to the Academy, Mitragotri is dedicated to addressing challenges and advancing healthcare through interdisciplinary approaches.
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The Anti-Resistance: UCSB Chemist Irene Chen Explores Alternatives to Antibiotics

With an eye for creative impact, the National Institute of Health has awarded the Director’s New Innovator Award, a $2.1 million grant, to Chen to support her research on phage therapy.
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Learning Patterns: A Look Into Freshman Seminars

The announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize awards will be broadcast this week internationally to an audience of billions. The discussion of its history will be presented to a much smaller audience in on...
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