I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Disappointed: Parents Weekend 2018 Report

Well, UCSB’s Parents Weekend came and went, and things were less than perfect. Parents Weekend is supposed to be a time when we can stop having anxiety attacks from econ, pretend like our social liv...
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Return of the Shack: How To Get that One Night Stand Out of Your Bed

To all you newbies, freshmen or downright nice human beings who can’t get that shacker out of your bed, here are seven ways to get him or her to become the Angel of the Morning!
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Dear Mother, Halloween Sucks

We have no hope this Halloween. The fences are high, higher than any of our friends are getting...
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Bar-Crossed Lovers: A Downtown Love Letter

A heartwarming open letter to a long lost nightclub love...
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Little Known UCSB Campus Facts You Need Should Totally Know!

The buildings in fact have stories and not just “good personalities.”
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WATCH: Random Act of Kindness 2018

The Daily Nexus teamed up with Woodstocks Pizza to celebrate this year's Random Act of Kindness month.
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