Extravaganza Mistaken for ‘Extra’ Festival

A portion of students misinterpreted the name of “Extravaganza,” UCSB’s annual music festival, as something entirely different
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Buffalo Chicken Betrayal: IV Deli Mart Swaps Fry Type

In the past few weeks, students may have noticed a slight alteration in a renowned delicacy at IV Deli Mart.
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Professor Booze Cruise Results in Hijacked Oil Rig

What was meant to be a quiet ocean cruise for several of the school’s esteemed faculty turned into a nightmare of intoxicated hijinks, which included the swift seizure of one of the several oil rigs...
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Time Capsule Unearthed at Campus Point

This past Sunday, third-year economics major Morgan Capano came across a mysterious metal item while hiking the trail around Campus Point.
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Student Contacts Dead Ancestors for Dating Advice

“Performing seances when it isn’t Halloween isn’t great business,” Riley said, “So I figured I would help guide others with their ancestors’ advice on how to get in a relationship just in ...
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From Frightening to Festive: 7 Ways to Repurpose Halloween Decorations

Consider dressing up your plastic skeleton as Santa Claus as a humerus spin on the holiday season.
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