Epicurus: So you want to be happy? … Well, you won’t like the answer.

Brian Wheat discusses Epicurus' philosophy on how to attain happiness through the pursuit of friendships over love and meaning over money.
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Stoicism: The world is wicked, vicious and miserable; Lean into it and rise above

Brian Wheat kicks off the first Wednesday of Spring quarter with a tough love touch of stoicism and a reminder to get your head in the game!
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Hey Liberals, We Did This to Ourselves

Brian Wheat places the blame on his fellow liberals for the rise of Trump.
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Ben Shapiro Packs Campbell Hall for Controversial Lecture

Conservative political commentator and author Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday for his event, “Lies, Prejudice, and Division: The Legacy of the #BLM Movement.”
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Trump’s Mainstream Media Accountability Survey: A Desperate Attempt to Shape Public Opinion

Brian Wheat criticizes President Trump's recent attempt at gauging the public's attitude toward mainstream media.
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