Unmarriageable But Equal?

Because someone has to say something. Over the past two days, the Massachusetts legislature has convened in the state house with pulsating hordes outside, noses pressed to windows, megaphones in hand, anxious and anticipating the decisions of legislators over proposed versions of a constitutional amendment that would narrowly define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Knight Jousts with Queers on Prop. 22

Republican State Senator Pete Knight issued a challenge Monday to the Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003, previously AB 205, signed into law by our very own Gray Davis on Sept. 19.

Living Without Vowels: Life After Consonants

For the past two and a half years, the thoughts and biting criticism of Steven Ruszczycky has graced the Opinion page of the Daily Nexus. Elusive in both his public and private life, many students have wondered, just who is the man behind “Living Without Vowels”?

Movie Review | Matrix Reloaded: Captain Neo On Deck

If you had to sum up the Wachowski brothers’ “The Matrix: Reloaded” in one word, it would be “cool.” If you could use two words, the second would be “unnecessary.”

Living Without Vowels: Bring Your Wallet but Leave Your Clothes

Everyone’s at least thought about it. The gentle kiss of the summer sun on bare flesh, the grainy tickle of sand in secret places, the delightful caress of an afternoon breeze across your buttocks. Chances are, if you have been to a nude beach, you’ve at least considered the idea.

He Said: Nude Dancers—Demeaning or Delightful?

These two types, along with foreign businessmen, are the bread and butter of the stripper industry. Geek type 1 usually goes with a mass of other geeks, tittering like adolescent boys at the thought of naked women, despite the fact they go every weekend after slaying a nasty horde of orcs.

Living without Vowels: Abstaining From Jackson

AB 205, if passed and signed into action, would extend marriage-like status in California to all same-sex couples who register as domestic partners, establishing rights and responsibilities that would rival the civil unions established by the Vermont Legislature on April 25, 2000.

Living Without Vowels: I Just Want to Rock

The man is bullwhip lean – roughly 115 pounds, 20 if he’s lucky, of middle-aged derision culminating in a lousy haircut and pocket protector lodged in his shirt’s breast pocket.

Living Without Vowels: Swallow You Whole

In the wee morning hours of Thursday, April 24, two UC Police Dept. officers happened across 13.17 feet and 85 pounds of Burmese python coiled up, cold and near death in a parking lot on the Devereux Loop.

Living Without Vowels: Federal Blood Money

Last week, the New York Times reported that scientists studying HIV/AIDS were warned by workers at the National Institute of Health not to mention the words “gay,” “transgender,” “sex worker” or “anal sex” in any of their grant proposals.

Living Without Vowels: Navy Seals and Dolphins

Down in San Diego, there’s a water park like no other. It’s not Sea World, a place where killer whales playfully spray children, walruses cavort on stage and kiddies of all ages can pet anything from sea urchins to starfish.

Living Without Vowels: Pick Your Stereotype

Lovers of great literature stay away; there’s a new book on the market geared toward the common people, the good people, the cut-your-lip-on-a-can-of-Natty-Ice people.

Dungeons & Soldiers

Representative Charles B. Rangel, the Democrat from New York, is also staunchly anti-war, but he figures that the folks calling the shots would be less inclined to pick a fight with Saddam if their wealthy children were called to serve.

A Warm Homecoming

It begins like a crude joke. Over 30 queers from UCSB pile out of three vans into the parking lot of a sleazy motel in Riverside. They walk around, stretch their legs and survey the parking lot around them.

He Said: Valentine’s Day Is a Time …

Couples have long been persecuted for their desire to join in a monogamous parallel construction. The jealousy and derision that those restricted to unitary self-relation feel has often forced couples to obfuscate their love from disapproving eyes.