Every college campus has a history of social unrest. Departments have been formed out of revolt and protest; many classes explore the fight of marginalized groups to gain respect and equality. Yet, with all the heightened awareness, many forms of repression and hatred still exist, most notably the conflict over love.

Couples have long been persecuted for their desire to join in a monogamous parallel construction. The jealousy and derision that those restricted to unitary self-relation feel has often forced couples to obfuscate their love from disapproving eyes. Singles, in order to establish hegemony over couples, openly mock participants of parallel constructions, individuals who brave negative social stigma for the noble cause of love.

However, thank God for Valentine’s Day. Feb. 14 is the one day a year when couples can reverse the dominant paradigm and show the world that love is, indeed, a splendid thing. A fluctuated power dynamic allows couples not only to feel safe, but also to be safe. On this one day a year, singles should feel ashamed and dishonorable for spitting upon the parallel dynamic system.

Therefore, all you couples out there, I urge you, rise above the hate and torment. Love freely, openly and without restraint. Take advantage of these 24 temporal units to inscribe your liberation space while singles are trapped at home eating vast quantities of ice cream and the pity chocolates sent by their parents.

This is your time to diversify the world’s consciousness. Anything else is disrespectful toward your social responsibility.

Steven Ruszczycky is the Daily Nexus Opinion editor. He is currently single.