An Ancient Gaucho Looks Back: Part 2

Harvey B. Schechter, class of 1947, discusses his experiences attending Santa Barbara State College — the predecessor of UCSB — as the school took its place in the UC system at a time when Phelps, Ellison, Girvetz and Buchanan were the names of faculty members rather than campus lecture halls.   Where were the dorms? […]

The Nexus Welcomes You

Now that your life decisions have led you to the best school on the planet, we, the staff at the Daily Nexus, have another “life” choice that you need to make: Come write for us! All the cool kids are doing it.

The Nexus Declares the Sweet and Stinky of Spring Quarter

Uber-sexy, tra-la-laing tulips to Gunther and the Sunshine Girls for bringing love, sex and respect to UCSB.

A.S. President

While she may speak a mile a minute, Residence Halls Association President Stephanie Brower is the best choice for the UCSB student body.

A.S. Internal Vice President

Out of every executive candidate in this year’s Associated Students election, including the presidential race, Ian Taylor is by far the most promising and exciting prospect.

Student Advocate General

We at the Daily Nexus have no qualms regarding Mark Regus’s ability to act as next year’s Student Advocate General.

A.S. External Vice President of Statewide Affairs

She has the best of intentions, but the Nexus feels Christine Byon could use a few more power plays if she is going to act as a successful external vice president of statewide affairs.

A.S. External Vice President of Local Affairs

Lindsey Quock has many opinions about Isla Vista, however, we are not entirely sure she knows how to bring these ideas into fruition.

A.S. Reaffirmations

The Campus Media lock-in fee is $1.69 per student a quarter, with $0.85 going toward the Daily Nexus and the rest to the La Cumbre yearbook.

Welcome to UCSB! Now How About Writing Us An Opinion Column, Smarty-Pants?

We need to have a serious talk, and no, it can’t wait until after you’re done reading the sex column in the bathroom. So, please, put that thing away.

Turds and Tulips

We Dish Out a Round of Foul-Smelling Feces and Fragrant Flora

Home Schooling

To wit, anytime an undergraduate gets cited for a misdemeanor involving alcohol or an illegal drug, the university is going to send a letter home to his or her parents.