We at the Daily Nexus have no qualms regarding Mark Regus’s ability to act as next year’s Student Advocate General. He is entirely calm and rational. He has researched the issues facing students on campus and knows which matters need resolutions and which ones are colossal wastes of time. We appreciate Regus’s honesty when he admits that his office’s resources are limited and we applaud his intended efforts for next year to recruit qualified members who can maintain this new and important resource for students.

Regus is well aware of recent judicial and administrative changes facing students. He knows that our Campus Regulations Review Committee needs supervision as it debates such issues as whether to extend university jurisdiction into Isla Vista, and he hopes to fight against the use of Facebook photos as evidence to implicate students in the residence halls. The Nexus is also pleased to see that Regus will work with the university to modify its College Alcohol Skills Education program, which puts students through an alcohol abuse program despite the fact that many of these students are not serious alcoholics or persons with substance abuse problems.