Out of every executive candidate in this year’s Associated Students election, including the presidential race, Ian Taylor is by far the most promising and exciting prospect. He is charming, enthusiastic and well prepared to take on the throne of internal vice president. The Nexus editorial board is impressed with Taylor’s extensive training plans for next year. He intends to immediately instruct the Legislative Council’s newest members how to construct bills and resolutions so that they do not fall behind, as some of this year’s representatives did, and he will enforce A.S. Legal Code by frequently testing council members’ knowledge. Additionally, Taylor plans show the average student how to write resolutions and become more involved with A.S.

He is confident in his ability to earn the respect of his fellow Leg Council members and, given his affable demeanor, we have no reason to disagree with his intuition. Taylor understands his role and is well versed in the A.S. Legal Code. He is a take-charge kind of guy, and he will not give credit to council members who neglect their duties.

Matt Jackson, unfortunately, is too unpredictable. We commend him for increasing A.S.’s visibility through his KCSB radio show, “Radio A.S.,” but we wish he had focused on his plans more. He presented vague proposals for council training, whereas Taylor mentioned having mock council meetings before the next school year commences. Jackson also appeared too concerned with campus media as evidenced by his suggestion for a campus media forum, and not concerned enough with Leg Council procedures. He knows a lot about being a Leg Council representative, but not enough to act as Internal Vice President. That said, his passion does him credit, and we hope he continues working with A.S. – the organization needs dedicated students like Jackson.