Now that your life decisions have led you to the best school on the planet, we, the staff at the Daily Nexus, have another “life” choice that you need to make: Come write for us! All the cool kids are doing it. Well, maybe not Tommy from Anacapa, but let’s face it: Tommy’s too cool for everything. And that’s why he doesn’t have any friends. So, allow us to take you through the logistics.

The Opinion section is the blank page for your little inner Kerouac, or if you don’t do drugs, your inner Dickens, or if you aren’t British, your inner Twain. Whatever. The point is, here at Opinion, you can write about whatever tickles your fancy: How instead of spending the $500 your parents gave you for books, you hosted the most badass party in your dorm room. Or, how getting written up by your R.A. for hosting the most badass party in your dorm room sucks.

You can give your opinion on national topics, pop culture, the environment – whatever interests you. There is no limit on how many opinion columns you can submit, and if you’re really good, we might just hire you as a paid columnist.

Columns have a maximum space of 700 words. Letters to the editor – brief submissions or responses to other columns and articles – are 300 words. E-mail your submissions to, along with your name, year and major. Also include your phone number so the opinion editor can call you for a date, or at the very least, verify that all your information is correct.

Finally, make sure to register this summer on the Nexus website at By registering, you can comment on any article, showing us your true brilliance. But, hey, we already figured you were pretty smart. You chose UCSB.