While she may speak a mile a minute, Residence Halls Association President Stephanie Brower is the best choice for the UCSB student body. Brower’s vision for A.S. centers on tangible benefits that can be achieved within her administration, like more lighting on campus, and considers a long-term effort to keep the student government’s head out of the clouds. She promises to decrease bipartisan bickering among Legislative Council members and to lower the amount of non-campus-related resolutions diverting the Council’s attention from student interests.

The Nexus is also pleased with Brower’s views on A.S. Finance Board’s distribution of funds. Brower is aware that the Students’ Initiative has altered Finance Board’s capabilities, and she acknowledges that the entity requires reorganization in order to grant funds to students more effectively.

However, Brower could also stand to learn a few things from her opponents. While she is ambitious, she can occasionally come across as overly eager and forward. This quality makes her courageous enough to stand up to administrators, but it can also make her less approachable for students who may find her too aggressive. Thus, we urge her to appear more flexible before assuming the position next year.

As for Tuyen Nguyen and Darren Reid Frawley, Brower’s opponents, the Nexus feels they lack the candor and articulation necessary for such a high position on campus. Nguyen repeatedly said she wanted to increase A.S.’s accountability, but during her Nexus interview she rarely mentioned any specific steps to reach that goal. Frawley, likewise, did not speak effectively or strongly, though he had many wonderful ideas. He is, unfortunately, too mild to confront the occasional hotheaded council member or sure-footed administrator. Nevertheless, these two candidates are dedicated civil servants, and we believe A.S. would be bereft without them.

Meanwhile, Brower, as RHA president, has proven herself capable of holding down the fort and has obtained strong leadership experience as a result. We hope she comes through on her mission to increase Gaucho pride.