Lindsey Quock has many opinions about Isla Vista, however, we are not entirely sure she knows how to bring these ideas into fruition. She appears puzzled as to what her role would be as External Vice President of Local Affairs, which was evident in her proposal to create a new women/queer studies General Education requirement for students. Also, she has not researched or interacted with local officials as much as she should have. When asked about Third District County Supervisor Brooks Firestone, all she could say was that she had “heard” he had done some unpopular things.

Quock had a lot to say about affordable housing and rent control, but she had no idea how these concepts could work in our district. She also mentioned that the Cedarwood apartment evictions had inspired her to lobby for a “Just Cause Ordinance,” yet her description of this issue was hazy as well.

Nevertheless, the Nexus wishes Quock well. We encourage her to undergo intense preparation over the summer so that she can become the active EVPLA she wishes to be.