Sunni Patterson Waxes Poetic on Resilient Love

Night one of the two-day series brings insight and inspiration through shared experience.
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Tribe Ties Gallery Synesthesia Trips Out Glass Box

The Glass Box was painted bright: intricate tie-dye tapestries layered the walls, each one unique in pattern, color and saturation.
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Togapalooza Rocks I.V.

Saturday, May 14, hosted the fourth annual Togapalooza, a yearly event that serves to assemble the most notable bands of I.V for an all-day music festival from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m.
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Jojo Abot Charms MCC

The energy of the performance was heavy and wild; it vibrated through the MCC theatre. Abot’s engagingness lent the space a feeling of possibility.
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Khalil Almustafa Uses his Noodle, his Words

Almustafa's transition between history and spoken word was so smooth that it took a second to realize it, his words melding into art so seamlessly. His style was eclectic, incorporating rap and singin...
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Artist Shows Her Cultura in MCC

On April 12, East L.A. born artist Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin presented her collection of art currently on display in the MCC. One only needed to listen for a moment to find her. Loud, engaging and m...
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