1.24.2014 Lois Capps Daily Nexus InterviewPeter Vandenbelt

Capps Pushes Gun Control Research

In response to the May 23 Isla Vista shootings, Congresswoman Lois Capps cosponsored a Congressional bill last Thursday aiming to tighten gun control laws, improve mental health services and strengthen research on mental illnesses in relation to gun violence.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a series of drug cases, burglaries and assaults last week and over the weekend.

Weekend Wrap-Up (5-2 to 5-5 2014)

Over the weekend, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to the discovery of a dead female body on the beach as well as an occurrence of shoplifting, among other minor incidents.

Chilla Vista 2014

Hundreds of people attended the Chilla Vista Music and Arts Festival at People’s Park and Perfect Park in Isla Vista on Saturday to soak up the day’s sun and immerse themselves in a flurry of free food, games and activities and performances by local bands.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Over the weekend, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to several criminal incidents in Isla Vista involving UCSB students, Isla Vista residents and individuals from outside the community.

CAPS Requests Greater Funds to Meet Student Demand

UCSB’s Counseling and Psychological Services is seeking a funding increase of $21.39 through a new fee initiative in this week’s election ballot.

According to CAPS psychologist Dr. Kirsten Olson, UCSB has seen an increase in student demand for psychological services, making the student fee initiative crucial for CAPS.
An undercover officer reveals his badge to a minor, 
cited for underage drinking.  These disguised officers are also coming down hard on the party hosts and 
local businesses that providie minors with alcohol.

Undercover Police Issue Citations at House Parties

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol is now using undercover operations to enter local house parties and bust partygoers for minor alcohol crimes, and at least two sting operations took place at parties on Sabado Tarde this past weekend.

Summer Program to Train UCSB Brains

A psychological fitness summer program will soon be offered to students.

‘Steps Against Sexual Assault’ Protest Fights Rape

The Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative hosted a protest against sexual assault and other harassment in Isla Vista called “Steps Against Sexual Violence” on Friday.

Deltopia Faces Stricter Enforcement

Thousands of partygoers are expected to descend on the streets of Isla Vista for Deltopia this Saturday, and now local law enforcement officials are saying that Santa Barbara County Outdoor Festival Ordinance Section Six — which limits music that can be played during large gatherings — will be more strictly enforced.

Local law enforcement observe crowds of party-goers parading the streets of Isla Vista during last year’s Deltopia celebration.

Spring Break Crime Wrap-Up

Last week, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a series of incidents including several assaults, one of which involved assault by use of machete, and alcohol-related crimes.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Over the weekend, Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to various incidents including a drug bust, a battery case on Del Playa Drive and a series of residential burglaries.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Over the weekend, Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to two cases of sexual assault — in addition to alcohol-related crimes and citations for trespassing and false imprisonment.

UCSB Alum Creates New Multipurpose Tool

UCSB alumnus Matt Dubberley founded local company LighterBro LLC last May that produces a multi-tool product, which recently accrued a high number of sales at 110 retail stores across the country, including hemp clothing and accessories store Hempwise in Isla Vista.

Weekend Wrap-Up

During the extended holiday weekend, Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a number of drug, theft and alcohol related incident,s including an arrest for drug possession and multiple arrests for petty theft, amongst other incidents.