Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a series of drug cases, burglaries and assaults last week and over the weekend.
These incidents included an intoxicated female subject attempting to remove her clothes, a robbery on El Colegio Road, an intoxicated UCSB student attempting to resist arrest and numerous cases of laptops stolen from residences.
According to IVFP Station Lieutenant Robert Plastino, last Wednesday around midnight, deputies received a call from a woman saying her female roommate was under the influence of LSD, while also saying that the roommate was “out of control” and heading to Woodstock’s Pizza. Deputies located the woman in question at 6503 Madrid Road in Isla Vista, where she told officers more details about her situation.
“The woman stated she was on a life-changing mission and that her great grandmother just passed away today,” Plastino said. “She also said her life mission is to bring world peace and end violence against humanity.”
Plastino said the woman alternated between sobbing and smiling “all within seconds,” before standing up in an attempt to remove her clothes.
“The woman stood up, removed her top and began to remove her sweatpants. Deputies were able to prevent her from pulling down her sweatpants,” Plastino said. “Deputies then handcuffed the woman and asked her friend to put the shirt back on the woman. The friend assisted and helped cover the woman up.”
According to Plastino, the woman was later transferred to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for a complete medical evaluation.
On Friday evening, deputies received a call reporting a robbery at an apartment on El Colegio Road. The victim who made the call said he was approached by two adult males while taking out his trash, according to Plastino, who said the victim described the suspects as “two black ‘gangster-looking’ males.”
“One of the males threw him down and started punching him in the face,” Plastino said, while adding that the victim gave the suspect his full prescription of Xanax, which the victim had inside his wallet in his pocket.
According to Plastino, the property manager of the victim’s apartment complex verified the story as a witness to the incident. The investigation is ongoing.
On Saturday night, a UCSB student injured himself while attempting to escape from IVFP deputies while intoxicated, Plastino said.
“[The subject] was extremely drunk and attempted to run upon contact by Foot Patrol,” Plastino said. “He was chased and caught by two deputies, at which time he sustained an abrasion above the eye.”
Plastino said medics were called to treat the man’s injuries and shortly after receiving treatment, he was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail for assaulting one of the medical personnel.
Isla Vista also saw a series of laptop robberies this weekend, according to Plastino. Six laptops were stolen over the weekend — two on Saturday and four on Sunday. On Saturday night, two different laptops were stolen from separate houses on Del Playa Drive, with one stolen through an unlocked bedroom door during a house party while the other was taken from a female victim’s room while she slept. On Sunday, two laptops were taken from a house on Trigo Road from an unlocked backdoor and another two laptops were taken from a residence on Cervantes Road through an unlocked door.


A version of this story appeared on page 1 of Wednesday, May 14, 2014’s print edition of the Daily Nexus.