Last week, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a series of incidents including several assaults, one of which involved assault by use of machete, and alcohol-related crimes.

The incidents occurred at intervals of about one-to-two days and ranged from assaults that resulted in deeper flesh wounds to a near-miss injury. Crimes occurring later in the week included an arrest for unlicensed marijuana possession and the usual distribution of citations for minors in possession of alcohol.

According to Sergeant Rob Plastino, officers received a call early morning last Monday on March 24 from an individual reporting that a masked man went into his home and assaulted him with a machete. The suspect, Plastino said, was wearing a mask, hoodie and all black clothing.

“The victim said he was in his residence and while there, someone entered his house,” Plastino said. “The victim received a wound that was two inches deep and two inches long on his arm. It seems that he raised his arms to defend himself from the assailant’s attack.”

The victim then fled to I.V. Food Coop where he contacted the police. Plastino said the victim was transported to the hospital shortly after, and now the incident is facing investigation.

On Wednesday night, deputies responded to a call from a victim that stated his roommate punched him several times in the head. According to Plastino, deputies who arrived at the victim’s residence observed that he had “a large welt on the backside of his head,” although the man refused medical attention.

“The suspect states that the victim was being disrespectful because he was having sex with his [the suspect’s] girlfriend in front of him,” Plastino said. “Because the victim wanted to press charges, the suspect was arrested and booked into jail.”

Also on Wednesday night, deputies responded to a call that there was a large in-progress fight outside 6776 Del Playa Drive. When officers arrived, most of the crowd scattered except for one individual, whom deputies approached.

“The suspect was found to be drunk in public and while being arrested, he started a fight with deputies and kicked a police sergeant several times,” Plastino said. “He was booked with multiple charges, including public intoxication and assault on a police officer.”

On Friday night, deputies on patrol near Del Playa and Camino Majorca contacted four people sitting inside a car, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. According to Plastino, when an officer approached the vehicle and the driver rolled down the window, marijuana smoke emanated from the car.

“The suspect had no marijuana license and the deputies determined that the passengers consisted of a 19-year-old male driver, a 23-year-old male sitting in the passenger seat and two 15-year-old females sitting in the back seat,” Plastino said.

Plastino stated that the 23-year old male was cited for multiple charges, including providing alcohol to minors. The 19-year-old male was cited with minor in possession of alcohol as well as other charges.

“The two juvenile girls initially lied about their identity when contacted. Being fifteen, they had no driver licenses, but officers eventually discovered who they were … they are being charged with minor in possession and false representation.”

On Saturday, a victim called 9-11 reporting that a 40-year-old man threw a rock at him, but missed.

“When officers arrived at the scene, the suspect threw the rock behind a building where it could not be located,” Plastino said. “However, when officers made contact with the suspect, they discovered he was in possession of a stolen bike and a cell phone that was not his. He was arrested for assault and the possession of stolen property.”


A version of this story appeared on page 7 of Wednesday, April 2, 2014’s print edition of the Daily Nexus.