IVYP’s LuAnn Miller Set to Retire After 33 Years of Nonprofit Work

Toddlers run after her asking to be held, staff members light up when she walks into a room and she ends each interaction with a hug — it’s clear LuAnn Miller is a beloved Isla Vistan.
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County Introduces $300,000 Pardall Stoplight to Reduce Crashes

Traffic collisions on the intersection prompted the stoplight installation that replaced the original two-way stop sign.
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Isla Vistans Protest Wells Fargo Investment in DAPL

“Standing Rock is here; it’s not just over there. We do not have to be there physically to feel their power. It’s in your heart."
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No Reason to Act Delirious at Delirium

Miranda O'Brien shares her thoughts on the atmosphere of the YG show last weekend.
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Santa Barbara Youth Council Hosts Prop 64 Discussion

Welcoming guests with the mellow tones of Bob Marley, The Santa Barbara Youth Council hosted a discussion Monday on Proposition 64, which would legalize the use of recreational marijuana in California...
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Campus Democrats Show ‘Selma,’ Discuss Voter Suppression

Students gathered on the San Nicolas lawn Wednesday to join the Campus Democrats in a communal viewing of Ava DuVernay’s “Selma.”
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