The Role of Jewish Spaces

David Rubinstein discusses the importance of searching for meaning in Judaism and creating Jewish spaces in an increasingly tumultuous world.
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The Problems With Assimilation Politics: A Response to ‘Understanding the “Privilege” of the Jewish Minority’

David Rubinstein offers his thoughts on the issues with Jason Garshfield's most recent article.
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Musings on Chanukah from a Non-Religious Jew

David Rubinstein celebrates his Jewish heritage with a secular mindset.
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The Personal Responsibility of Environmentalism

My friend’s sister recently informed me of her bold and ambitious plans for the future. She’s entering her sophomore year of high school now, and along with figuring out what dating and homework p...
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The Cult(ure) of Competition

With March Madness just entering the rear view mirror, baseball season starting up and basketball season in full throttle, America’s Big Gulp of competition is overflowing even more than usual. In A...
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Socialism for All

David Rubinstein calls for revolution
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