Music video director Wayne Isham was awarded with the Inspirational Alumni Award at this year's Reel Loud film festival. Photo courtesy of

Reel Loud 2015 Suffers from Poor Planning

Any student-coordinated event that exists outside the realm of the two hour SRB multipurpose room shindig is something that deserves applause. When a group of college kids get together and learn the business of planning, budgeting, scheduling and reaching out to talent, magic happens. But at this year’s Reel Loud, the 24th anniversary of the […]

Fork Fest: Where the Forking gets Real Tasteful

Saturday May 9th, at Chase Palm Park, Santa Barbara hosted Fork Fest – the forking your taste buds could never forget

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Live at the Batcave: Pookie

Pookie. The word means “vagina” in Tagalog and is slang for a heroin pipe. In Isla Vista, it’s the name of a loud garage band that refuses to describe their genre, piping that anyone who asks a musician what their genre is deserves a bright “fuck you.” Chris Miehl, Nick Fields, Zach “Staffie” Stafford and Ryan Mandell […]

It’s Better When They’re Together: Kim and Jack Johnson Share UCSB Stories

In September 1993, one week into UC Santa Barbara’s Fall Quarter, Jack Johnson was sitting with his new friend from Black Studies 6 Eric Cardenas at Ortega Dining Commons. A momma’s boy his whole life, Johnson spent the flight to school from his hometown in Oahu crying tears of homesickness. Now that he was getting […]

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Camping at Coachella: A Packing List

Ahh, Coachella: those three days of magical music bonding in Indio, California where the Spicy Pie is eaten by thousands and Tupac appears from the dead, albeit by hologram. It’s the place where Beyonce graced her baby sis’s show, the Pixies played their first set in 11 years and Daft Punk constructed an L.E.D. pyramid […]

Talent Trade Conference Shares Industry Secrets with Aspiring Actors, Screenwriters

“That Ari Gold character is tame compared to [agents in] the CAA,” said Justin Winters, a screenwriter who has been around the block when it comes to talent agencies. Winters delivered this one-liner during UCSB’s sixth annual Talent Trade, which took place March 7-8. The two-day conference featured talent industry professionals who discussed where they […]

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Casual Gets Cool: Folk Pop Band Wild Child Shines On. Wild Child Graces SOhO with Texas Hospitality

A blond gal stood on the SOhO stage in leggings and a heather gray zip-up hoodie, doling out turquoise paint on the cheeks of giddy girls. “You, you’re next,” she said, moving from lady to lady until at least 40 Wild Child fans had spruced up their faces with three turquoise lines. Unbeknownst to some, […]

Student Documentary Gets Selected for SBIFF: Blue Horizons Students Dive Deep with “Mussel Man”

Out in the open ocean past the Santa Barbara harbor, the mussel man drives a self-designed boat at 4:30 a.m. to the harvest ropes. Using a fisherman technique rarely found in the U.S., he pulls up more than a thousand pounds of mussels a day, easy. The supplier of 52 stores down the coast, Bernard […]

As part of Blue Horizons' 2014 class, seniors Matt Mersel and Elvis Metcalf (pictured here) teamed up with junior Megan Schmidt to create an environmental documentary feature titled "Mussel Man." Not to be mistaken for a gym head film, "Mussel Man" centers on a modest shellfish fisherman named Bernard Friedman and his sustainable technique for farming mussels. Photo by Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus
The cast of  McFarland, USA. (Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus)

“McFarland, USA” Tells the American Story Picking and Running: Disney Film Explores Teenage Life in Central Valley

Kevin Costner plays Coach Jim White in Disney’s “McFarland, USA,” which tells the true story of a coach who inspired his seemingly hapless students to form a cross country team and go the distance. In interviews in a college conference call and on the Santa Barbara International Film Festival red carpet, Costner and White talked […]

Emotions Spring Up During Michael Keaton’s Tribute

Michael Keaton is well-loved. A man who has done genres from salacious comedy to psycho-thriller, he’s scored admiration from co-stars and directors alike in his career, which began in 1968 when he operated “Picture, Picture” for Mister Rogers. But the fact that Keaton is well-loved was perhaps never as overwhelmingly apparent as it was last […]

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Patti Smith Plays Explosive Show at the Granada Godmother of Punk Rock Sells Out Arts & Lectures Gig

Sitting at the edge of the Granada theater stage, the godmother of punk rock shook her silver hair out before jumping down, landing with a feathery thud into the thin carpet. A collective gasp came from 272 audience members sitting in the front section who held their breath as she moved past them, dancing and […]

SB International Film Festival Promises Big Celebrities and Films

Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Eddie Redmayne walk into Wildcat, sit down and sip on $10 whiskey sours while a crowd of Gauchos dance their faces off to “I don’t give a f*ck,” the latest ramble of sophistication from Big Sean to bless this college campus. No, this didn’t actually happen, but who knows what […]

Psychology Alum Turns Singer-Songwriter: The Beauty of the Party-Study-Play Music Balance at UCSB

More than any other California school, UC Santa Barbara students have a tendency to get defensive about their alma mater. It’s a delicate topic. Is this a party school, or is this a world-class research university? The answer usually gets tied down in the celebrated Gaucho motto, “Work hard, play hard.” But what this four […]

Arts & Lectures Season Guide

  Hey Gauchos! We at Artsweek hope you enjoyed your winter vacation, whether it was spent obsessing over Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock re-runs or enjoying mom’s homemade lasagna. But before you get all pouty about the fact that papers, 78-page reading assignments and 8 a.m. alarms have mercilessly seeped into daily life, take a look […]

Tribe Ties: Creating a Colorful Community Student-Run Clothing Business Brings Tie Dye to I.V.

In the early 1980s, a diehard grateful dead fan with a penchant for tie-dye shirts broke up with his girlfriend, absentmindedly noting that he wouldn’t be able to take her to the upcoming concert. Outside of his chemistry lab at UCLA, a girl approached the boy, knowledgeable about his musical inclinations. “Do you have a […]