First Bites

Join The Club: Fine Dining any Day of the Week

The Ucen's The Club transports visitors—including undergrads—from an everyday college campus to a fine dining experience.
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Los Agaves Expands Into Goleta

Marisa Ratchford never judges a book by its cover, but she does judge a Mexican restaurant by its chips and guac.
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Spreading the Love

Family owned Lovin Oven smells like home for the experienced and welcomes three newcomers with succulent shawarma.
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New Shave Ice Shop Assuages Your Sweet Tooth

If ice cream and Hawaiian shaved ice made a baby, you would get Shave It.
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Do’s & Donuts

It's never too late for a donut review. OTM takes on the munchies joint we've always dreamed of.
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One Year Later, Still Packing Bowls

"after only three weeks living in the Isla Vista area, I had already packed three bowls..."
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