Having been a huge fan of Crushcakes’ artisanally designed cupcakes, I was in shock when I found the doors squeezed shut and the sign torn down. Luckily for us, however, that sweet spot wasn’t put to waste, because Kol’s Café joined the I.V. squad of delicious bites. Once fall finals crawled to an end, I cleared out my folders of crinkled up study guides and stumbled across a shiny, neat menu labeled “Kol’s Café” in bouncy bold letters. How refreshing it was to find a pamphlet of meals rather than an infinite list of psychology terms. Exactly that day I strolled to the café and sunk my teeth into a chipotle chicken wrap beneath the crystal cloud sky. My once blurry, chaotic thoughts transcended into a whirlwind of firework flavors. The sparks of tangs and zesty sauces did not remain under Kol’s name forever, but instead hung in the air for the newly changed title, Keggs. Now, you may be wondering why the name switched and if there is a new menu, but ask no more, my friends, because here are the treasured answers!

The wind was whipping through my hair and my feet were stomping high to low on the pedals as I raced to campus for my 11 a.m. lecture. I flew by 7-Eleven and saw all the familiar businesses, but a neon, blinking sign snagged my eye with zero recognition. Kol’s is now Keggs and I was left extremely confused.

Kol’s Café transformed its name to Keggs for the purpose of specializing in breakfast foods and lunchtime meals. Specifically, eggs are the main approach and theme to their restaurant. Before, they showcased a wide variety of options on the blackboard that may have made it tricky for the customer to ultimately make a decision after already imagining the taste of every individual item. Now, Keggs offers a list of possibilities that all share the egg in common, whether it be scrambled, egg whites or newly added poached eggs. Even though the menu tends to reach higher in the price range and lacks additional sides to the meals, a promising, rich flavor exists within the free-range and organic eggs.

In total, the menu consists of approximately 10 delectable ingredients, which makes the selection process more convenient and simple for the buyer. Despite the deletion of smoothies and crêpes, Keggs still offers a variety of freshly brewed Peet’s Coffee. Furthermore, it is sensational to see they carry warmly toasted brioche buns instead of sourdough, slivered golden-brown hash browns in the place of hash brown patties and pillowed poached eggs.

After speaking with an employee of the establishment and fellow UCSB student Ava Talehakimi, I was told that the most desirable item on the menu is “The Keggs Classic,” which consists of eggs, hash browns, cheddar cheese and bacon all slammed between freshly risen brioche buns. However, Ava remarked that people are truly missing out on “The Keggs Benedict.” The plump poached eggs gracefully sit upon a fluffy bed of toast with ripe avocados and crisp strips of bacon that inevitably leave you with a smile.

I finished by asking what her personal favorite is on the Keggs menu and she replied almost immediately, without doubt “The Green Keggs.” This sandwich wedges egg whites, spinach, avocado and Parmesan cheese between, once again, delightfully satisfying brioche buns. “It just feels healthy when you eat it,” she remarked. Being a cheaper option, this dish is 100 percent what I need in my life, and I plan on heading to Keggs this week for such an experience (and I hope all of you do, too).

Thank you Ava and thank you Keggs for bringing back the breakfast club to sunny Isla Vista!