Costco Samples: Unlimited Freebies?

How many trips to the sample cart does it take to get you kicked out? The world may never know

Peace Love and Guacamole

The 29th annual Avocado Festival was last weekend and one reporter gets you the scoop or the “dip” on the best eats at the festival

Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus
Kevin Chan/Daily Nexus

My Mother’s Cooking: Albondigas Soup

“As a former chubby kid, most of my early childhood memories are surrounded by food. I was the proudest member of the Clean Plate Club to say the least, and there was a reason for that. My mom was one hell of a cook.”

The Best and Worst of Carrillo’s Frozen Yogurt

With so many rotating options of Fro-yo at Carrillo dining Commons, On the Menu has compiled a guide to help you through your after-meal selections

Lianna Nakashima/Daily Nexus
Lianna Nakashima/DailyNexus

Eating the Italian Way

One of our writers spent the summer visiting Italy and noted some differences between eating habits here in the states and eating the Roman way

Beans! Beans! The Musical Fruit

Eight Layers of dip to kick start your Kickback

Marisa Ratchford/Daily Nexus
Artwork courtesy of Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus

Eating Around the World in San Diego

San Diego is home to many different cultures that make it a great destination to visit. While you’re there try some of these awesome restaurants to send your taste buds on a trip around the world.

Creamy Mushroom Asparagus Soup With Rosemary

Getting wisdom teeth removed can ruin your mood and your appetite but this creamy soup concoction can be a saving grace in a world where solid food is not permitted

A decorative bowl of a decadent soup Taylor Nguyen/Daily Nexus
A group of guys chows down on a meal from Kaptain's Firehouse BBQ

Welcome to Isla Vista!

On The Menu’s Editor welcomes you to the colorful world of eating in Isla Vista along with a suggestion of cool places to eat

Pesto With A Twist

A new take on the delicious sauce that is pesto, only this time with asparagus instead of basil, super easy and very yummy

Pasta with Portobello mushrooms and asparagus pesto Taylor Nguyen/Daily Nexus
Pear Gorgonzola Melts Marisa Ratchford/Daily Nexus

Your Very Own Kitchen

A beginner’s guide to a successful space for cooking, complete with a list of basic cookware essentials and two recipes to inspire the chef within

The Low Down On Downtown Eats

Do you have awesome plans to catch a show downtown in the popular mucus center? Need a good restaurant to complete your amazing evening? Here we have compiled a list of those conveniently located and renowned eateries that will make any night in Downtown Los Angeles perfect

Liana Nakashima/Daily Nexus

Beat The Heat!

The temperature is rising and, with that in mind, it’s more and more important to find ways to keep you cool. Take a few tips from On The Menu on what to eat to “beat the heat”

“Fed Up” and Hungry for Change

An insightful documentary titled “Fed Up” enlightened one of our writers to investigate the true costs of cooking at home versus the processed fast food

A healthy and cheap summer quinoa salad with roasted sweet potatoes and grilled chicken Taylor Nguyen/Daily Nexus
Linguini Pasta made from scratch and dressed with olive oil sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese Photo Courtesy of Nicole Pavlovsky

Nicole Pavlovsky: UCSB Alumnus, Blooming Food Blogger

A sit-down lunch with one of UCSB’s alumni, Nicole Pavlovsky,as she talks about her growing success with her food blog