The Column Formerly Known as the Wednesday Hump

You expect the Hump
What you get is a camel
Love your new best friend

The Final Countdown: Sexin’ as a Senior

The five hookup-related items that graduating seniors need to check off of their bucket lists ASAP.


Civil Unrest in Isla Vista

The Daily Nexus staff responds to Deltopia, 2014.

Goodbye Winter, and Good Riddance

Winter Quarter was harsh, but with Deltopia on the horizon, Isla Vista needs to see this spring as its opportunity to blossom.


Taking Back Isla Vista

The Opinion Editors weigh in on the events of the past weekend.

Local DJs Get Amped Over “Spindown”*

Next week, UCSB DJs will be convening in the Hub for the first annual DJ Spindown, co-sponsored by UCSB Arts & Lectures and Fox Racing. No one quite knows what to expect, but with names like DJ 24xTreme, Spicy Mike McCallahan and MC SkidMark Yudof, expectations are high. A panel of five judges, led by […]


2014: Year of the Hump

This year, make some resolutions that you’ll actually want to keep.

An Out-Of-Towner’s Guide to I.V. Halloween

To out-of-towners: If you’re gonna party here, do it right.

Opinion Editorial Process

Working Beneath Storke Tower: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at our Editorial Process

Ever wondered what happens to the op-eds that you guys write in? Here’s a sneak peek at what we do here at the Nexus Opinion desk.

The Ins and Outs of UCSB

Dorms A good rule to live by: Don’t do your neighbors! There are literally thousands of people at this school who you can have whatever sort of freaky interactions you want with. The only people you are pretty much guaranteed to see everyday are your neighbors. Unless you enjoy the recurring head nod and wave […]


The Freshman Fifteen(s): How to Conquer UCSB, from Classroom to Keg Stand

The Daily Nexus staff rounded up some essential tips for surviving your freshman year from academics to partying.

The Nexus Responds: We Appreciate You, But Times Are Tough

We at the Nexus would first and foremost like to reiterate our support of the Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department, including all of the associated groups mentioned in the above letter. To the passionate and inspiring members of these groups, your commitment to helping create a safer, more educated and more inclusive UCSB does […]

Deltopia Revisited: What Can We Learn?

Red cups. Abs everywhere. Pulsing music. Nothing but sunny skies dotted with the occasional water balloon. This year’s Deltopia was no exception to the celebration’s repertoire. We all partook, Nexites too, and the vast majority of us walked away sunned, exhausted and full of more fond IV memories. But Deltopia 2013 was exceptional for other […]

Student Crossword Enthusiast Has 99 Problems and They’re All Down or Across

There are a concerned and heretofore voiceless set of students on campus whom on behalf of which I intend to write you. We are the students showing up early to lecture halls, the bus stop waiters, the lunch time readers and the grassy quad sunbathers who reach for a copy of the Nexus for one […]

“Is It Just An Itch?” [and Other Questions Only a Medical Professional Should Answer]

Q: Sometimes my breasts simply hurt. Is there anything to worry about or is this normal? A: Don’t worry, but do come in for a breast exam to be sure what you’re feeling is normal. Hormonal changes from a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle can cause breast tenderness. Likewise, some medications and even caffeine may contribute […]