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Do What Ye Will, An Ye Harm None But Haters

Do What Ye Will, An Ye Harm None But Haters

Why do you do what you do? How do you do it so well? I’ll venture to say it’s because you’re addicted to a certain feeling. We all are.


Finding the Hidden Beauty of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is ugly as sin and full of adorable, desperate, dogged hopes.


UCs Offer Enrollment Waitlisting

Seven of the University of California’s nine undergraduate campuses will implement waitlists for freshmen applicants, for the second consecutive year.


City Seeks to Cut Crime, Limit Gang Interactions

The Santa Barbara Police Dept. will serve an injunction to 30 individual alleged gang members in hopes of reducing gang-related crime throughout the city.


Arts & Lectures Series Thanks Supporters

Starting today, UCSB’s Arts & Lectures is offering a free, week-long chain of screenings and performances for the “Student Appreciation Free Event Series.”