Desalination Plant To Reopen Next Fall

After 23 years of inactivity, Santa Barbara City Council decided to reopen the Charles E. Meyer Desalination plant in order to relieve a stage-three drought.
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Is There Anybody Out There?

Famed astronomer Carl Sagan once said “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
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Cancer Research To Improve Pregnancy Medication

A UCSB professor is working with researchers internationally to create a drug that will assist in pregnancy placenta complications; the drug’s similarities to drugs used as cancer medication are sur...
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UCSB Probes the Hidden World: A Look into Nanoscale Imaging

UCSB professor Ania Jayich has developed a method to observe interactions at the quantum level at temperatures approaching zero Kelvin, or absolute zero.
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UCSB Leads Innovation for Interstellar Flight

As private companies such as SpaceX begin launching efforts toward space exploration, UCSB has joined ranks with industry giants, now leading development for interstellar travel.
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