Titty Patrol Here, Laying Down the Law on Bosom Standards and Practices

Hello my pervy public, today we will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of fondling a woman’s sweater monkeys. This topic is very near and dear to my heart (as well as on top of it). From a young...
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Queen of the Hill: Tingling Tales of Girl-On-Top

Good day, my raunchy readers! Today we will be pondering the complexities of girl-on-top. This entails subtopics such as where a male’s hands should be, the paramount importance of hip-guiding and t...
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Putting The “O!” in Oral: Ladies Never Spit And Gents Never Quit

My dearest Gauchos, today we will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of oral sex. Now, I have qualms with both my XXs and my XYs regarding your respective oral habits, and this may result in being ...
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Let’s Play: Toys in the Bedroom

Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you today a woman who enjoys indulging in her favorite adult toy when her roommates are gone. I am an avid fan of toys and if you aren’t, then you’ve probably n...
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