Super Bowl LI: Election Night 2.0

Gerardo Banuelos draws up the similarities between the Patriots' historic come from behind victory in Super Bowl 51 and Donald Trump's unexpected run to the presidency.
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Dela Cruz, Soutar Reelected to Chair Positions

The Isla Vista Recreation & Park District (IVRPD) board of directors voted Thursday during their monthly meeting to reelect Pegeen Soutar as chair of the board and Paola Dela Cruz as vice chair.
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Students, Local Chumash Continue Protests Against Dakota Access Pipeline

Chants of “You can't drink oil, keep it in the soil” filled the air Wednesday as approximately 100 students joined members of the local Chumash tribe in protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
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It’s Morning Again in America

Gerardo Banuelos reminds us that we are still Americans before we are Democrats or Republicans.
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An Orwellian America

Gerardo Banuelos compares our current social climate to that of the one depicted by George Orwell.
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A Misguided March

Gerardo Banuelos criticizes the Million Student March that took place last week, and encourages the protection of constitutional liberties and free speech.
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