My Boy Adam and I Used an Old Time Machine We Found in My Boy Brad’s Garage to Discover What Dumb Shit Freshman Are Gonna Do This Fall

My boy Adam and I used the time machine my boy Brad has been keeping in his garage to find out about all the dumbfuck things the freshman are gonna be up to this fall!
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Break in Review: Frat Phil Recounts Trip to Cabo

It’s your boy with the poi, your kid with the lid, your son with the concealed carry permit, Frat “Put Your Tits Where I Can See ‘Em” Philskies, dude.
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Fraternity Rituals Explained with Frat Phil

Out of the supreme zesty-ness of my heart, I’ve decided to share some of my hazing methods and rituals.
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Sorority Sally vs. Frat Phil: Top Netflix Picks for Every Sitch

We dive all up in our young Netflix queues to give you some fiery suggestions for all your basic lit-uations.
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Keeping Your Frat Meter Filled at the Homestead

Your OG residence may feel like being in a jail cell on a dry campus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lit.
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